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Thank you – you helped

With your help we have saved the following:

Re-using our containers has saved: 5.8t metric of GHGs

Did you know? According to the Conference Board of Canada, in 2005, Canada ranked 15th in the world for GHG emissions at 22.6 tonnes per person.

Using glass containers has saved: 0.4t metric of plastic containers

Did you know? Equivalent average weight of the leatherbacked turtle, as can be found at the Vancouver Aqurium

By opting to use glass containers: 1,138L of oil has been saved from being used to make plastic containers.

Did you know? It is estimated that the average American family (also applicable to Canada) uses approximately 4 gallons of oil per household per day. 1,138L (300 gal) of oil is the equivalent of 75 days of consumption for the average North American family – annual: 5,527L (1,460 gal) of oil per household.

Thank you!