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Thank you for your help

With your help we have saved the following:

Did you know? According to the Conference Board of Canada, in 2005, Canada ranked 15th in the world for GHG emissions at 22.6 tonnes per person.

Re-using our containers has saved: 42.55mt of GHGs


Using glass containers has saved: 2.1mt of plastic containers

Did you know? (2,100kg) is the equivalent weight of the Volve S80

By opting to use glass containers: 5,251L of oil has been saved from being used to make plastic containers.

Did you know? It is estimated that the average American family (also applicable to Canada) uses approximately 4 gallons of oil per household per day. 1,138L (300 gal) of oil is the equivalent of 75 days of consumption for the average North American family – annual: 5,527L (1,460 gal) of oil per household.

Thank you!