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Testimonial – The Good Planet Co.

I am thrilled to be carrying your Live for Tomorrow line.  I’m so pleased to see a local company taking the initiative to reduce the devastating environmental impact of plastic by providing a bulk refill system that is eye catching and sustainable in glass containers.  From my experience, the entire product line works wonderful in comparison to conventional cleaning supplies.  I like that many of the products do not have a fragrance so you can be rest assured there are no nasty chemicals being masked by a synthetic scent.  The enviro-Bleach does a fantastic job at getting stains out of both colours and whites.  I have seen an increase in consumers suggesting other cleaning products go bulk as well so people really are thinking about their own personal carbon footprint and are tired of buying bottle after bottle.  I believe Live for Tomorrow is paving the way for sustainable cleaning products and that more companies will begin to follow in your footsteps, merging sustainability, non-toxic natural cleaning with attractive packaging. Here’s to our future!


The Good Planet Co