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Testimonial – Karmavore Vegan

Using only natural and biodegradable ingredients, Live For Tomorrow products are not only of superior quality over conventional products, but also non-toxic and safe for every home – and the environment! Live for Tomorrow products have been a hit with our customers, who are environmentally conscious and looking for eco-friendly products that are not tested on animals. Live for Tomorrow products are vegan certified, which makes it an easy choice for anyone looking for  cruelty-free cleaning products.  The products are extremely concentrated and last a long time, which is also a benefit economically! I have never come across a brand that is so focused on being “green”, going to the extent of creating a bottle return program so that customers may return their glass bottles so that they may be re-filled. They also promote the idea of reducing by re-using packaging, therefore minimizing waste and energy. I love using LFT products myself as I know that all around they are good for me, good for the environment, of good value, and excellent quality.


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