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Testimonial: Dishwasher powder amazing

I have used many organic dishwashing liquids, powders, etc over the past few years and have never been satisfied with them. My glasses and cutlery were always spotty and dull. I have, and still use, both SPUD and Ladybug home delivery services and for the past 3 years I have tried everything they have offered in the dishwasher type products. I decided to take a chance on the LFT dishwasher powder 2 weeks ago and was totally amazed at the shine on my glasses. I thought i’d never see them clear again. After 2 weeks of use I’m seeing all my dishes and cutlery coming clean and shiny. This is an excellent product. And I like the idea of the reusable containers. I’m trying some of the other products next week and hope i have the same great results with them. Thank you!

Melody T, Delta

Posted: 21 October 2009