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Live for Tomorrow launches new product line at Expo West, Anaheim

Live for Tomorrow is thrilled to be at Expo West, Anaheim to unveil our new product line. What’s new? Branding, messaging, formulations and great new packaging. Lavender liquid laundry detergent and grapefruit scented dish liquid are two of the new products launched. The new formulations are based on greater concentrations utilizing less water, which is more sustainable.

The new packaging consists of aluminium dispensers with pump or spray tops. These are reusable and 100% recyclable. In fact, any aluminium packaging put in your recycling box is typically melted and turned into new products in 60 days.

The refill plastic packaging is made of HDPE. The key feature which are very proud of is that the bottles are made of 97% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material.

A better sustainable solution, weighing less than the competition – and a great new look that stands out!

Special thanks and gratitude go to Arithmetic Creative for our new branding and booth design, Tradeworks Training Society for carpentry work (social enterprise based in downtown East side of Vancouver), Impressive Signs and Graphics for the stunning vinyl, Associated Labels and Makito Photography.