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HE washer ‘maintenance cycle’

What is a “maintenance cycle”?

A “maintenance cycle” involves running a full wash cycle without any laundry in the machine. Washing machine manufacturers
recommend that you may need to perform this periodic machine maintenance once per week — or at minimum, once a month
— to ensure that your HE washer remains clean and free from any  soil buildups.

  • Some HE washers offer a special cycle. Check the use and care guide to see if your machine has one. If it does, follow the
  • manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If your HE washer doesn’t have an automated maintenance cycle, you may perform this function manually.

How do I run a “Manual Maintenance Cycle”?

Follow these steps if your HE washer does not offer a specific “maintenance” cycle.

  1. Select the hot water setting. If there is no hot water setting, then select a “white” or a “stain” cycle setting. (Note: do not put laundry in the washer.)
  2. Select the “extra rinse” option, if offered.
  3. Add hydogen peroxide (eco-friendly version) to the bleach dispenser. Alternatively, add baking soda, which is far more eco-friendly. Fill to its maximum level.
  4. Run the cycle through its completion.
  5. If the HE washer does not have a second rinse option, manually select an additional rinse cycle to ensure that no hydrogen peroxide remains in your washer.
  6. If your HE washer still has unpleasant odors, you may need to repeat steps 1 through 5 as necessary.