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Hazardous chemicals being used by major clothes brands, investigation finds

An investigation has revealed that ‘hazardous chemicals’ are being used in children’s clothes and shoes made by major brands including Adidas, Nike and Primark.

An investigation by Greenpeace East Asia carried out tests on products sold by 12 brands across the industry, including American Apparel, GAP, Primark, Nike and Adidas which showed little distinction between the levels of hazardous chemicals in clothing made for children and adults when compared to previous studies.

Every brand tested was found to have products containing hazardous chemicals. According to the report, once released into the environment, many of these chemicals can have adverse impacts either on human reproductive, hormonal or immune systems.

Detox campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia Chih An Lee said: “Parents, fashion fans and local communities can help end this toxic nightmare by speaking out against polluting brands.

“Thanks to global people power, some of the world’s biggest brands have already committed to Detox and many of them are already walking the talk towards supply chain transparency and the elimination of the worst chemicals,” added An Lee.

Source: Leigh Stringer