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Dude! This detergent is a chick magnet!!

Hey Buddy,

Need to share a story with you.

A few nights ago I was on a dinner date with a very beautiful successful intelligent woman, dinner was good conversation good too.

At the end of dinner I walked her to her car, thank her for a nice evening, gave her a long hug and a kiss. She commented to me “I like the smell of your after shave cologne”, being the polite gentleman (don’t laugh, this is serious!) that I can be, all I said was “thank you”

Here’s the kicker! I wasn’t wearing any cologne, what she was smelling was my freshly laundered clothes washed with Live for Tomorrow’s ‘Dirt Happens” 8X Lavender Laundry Detergent.

 Dude! This detergent is a chick magnet!! You got to put another spin on you’re marketing for single guys like me.


Martin M – Kelowna