“Since winning the contest [Eco-Excellence Sweepstakes Winner 2016] Lois and I have put all the products to work. Starting in the kitchen the dishwasher powder has had some very full and very dirty loads of dishes to clean. The dishes came out clean with nothing left on plates or pans. The liquid dish soap ‘Dish the Dirt’ works very well, a few squirts of liquid into the hot water and dishes are done in no time. I do not like using antibacterial hand soap so ‘Clean Mitts’ hand soap has to be my favorite. Not only is it great for hands in the kitchen when working with food but our granddaughter came to visit with blue ink from a leaking pen all over her hands. After trying several hand soaps to no avail I went to the kitchen and got the ‘Clean Mitts’ liquid soap, one squirt and a little scrubbing and the hands were clean. Love that. We have been using the ‘Dirt Happens’ laundry detergent and the fabric softener with every load we have washed and the cloths come out clean and NO static cling. The last item is the ‘Elbow Grease’ cleaner. The best example I can give is the porcelain ‘sink-laundry tub’ in the garage. It has been so long and so many cleaners that I have tried, I can’t remember what it was that was on the side sink but it had found a home there. One full strength squirt of ‘Elbow Grease’ and I got ready to scrub. A couple of quick wipes and the sink was clean. Wow this stuff really works. I would have no problem recommending all the products we tried.”

Frank, Surrey

“This is absolutely the best line of green products I have ever used! From the unique scents to being (hands-down) the most natural product on the market, this is a must for all homeowners and green offices. Get the product from Target or today.”

Jeanette, Port Moody

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Here’s what Dale L. of Fort Langley had to say:

“I would like to recommend the use of the products provided by Live for Tomorrow. They are all they promise and more. The earth friendly ingredients are very effective and do the job as needed. I particularly love the laundry and dishwasher results. Everything gets clean and shiny, all while protecting my septic system. I will continue to use these products. You definitely get what you pay for. Mother Earth is entitled to some loving care and I am committed to using the best.”