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Bring Back programme

Live for Tomorrow has given a great deal of thought not only to the products, but to their use and the environmental impact of production, and packaging. This vision of re-usability and earth-friendly ingredients has driven the solution, enabling processes within the company and with retailers to process and re-use returned packaging.

In 2007, Metro Vancouver launched the Zero Waste Challenge. The Zero Waste Challenge sets out to do two things with our region’s waste:

  • Minimize the amount of waste going to disposal using opportunities to
    reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • With the remaining waste, maximize the recovery of energy.

Metro Vancouver residents and businesses generate over 3 million tonnes of waste each year. Currently, 52% of this is recycled. The other 48% is collected and taken to one of two landfills (Cache Creek or Vancouver) or to the region’s Waste-to-energy facility.

We have put into place processes to collect, sanitize and refill the bottles. All our stockists have agreed to accept the returned bottles.

How can you help?

  • Remove the caps and put them in the blue bin;
  • Give the bottles a quick rinse;
  • Return the bottles to the store – to the checkout staff. Some stores will have our crates at the front by the recycle area;
  • And finally, our deepest thanks for playing your part in saving the earth’s resources and making our beautiful city a better place.