Benefits LFT

The cost of truly being green

One of the questions we frequently get asked is, “why are Live for Tomorrow products pricier than other green cleaning products?”. Looking at the purchase price alone, it is understandable why someone would pose this question. There is so much to our product line that we want to share so that our customers understand the […] more »

Happy Canada Day from LFT

Happy Canada Day!

Hello loyal LFT fans. Happy Canada Day! It’s summer. That fabulous time of year when we all want to focus on spending time with family and friends, whether it is on vacation, a day spent at the beach, or afternoon firing up the grill. It is a time when we want to slow down, relax […] more »

Earth Day, Good Karma

Spring… a great time to reflect and make positive changes

Live for Tomorrow has always pushed the boundaries with its packaging, concentration levels and uncompromising dedication to natural, non-toxic ingredients to not harm the environment. With Earth Day taking place on April 22, we want to help our loyal customers with ideas to take further steps that are better for you, better for our planet. […] more »

Random Acts of Kindness Day LFT

February… a month to love

National Freedom Day, Superbowl Sunday, Family Day, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Random Acts of Kindness Day… February is filled with so many reasons to celebrate, be grateful and spend quality time with loved ones. Share in the joy of these magical moments together and rest easy knowing that you can let your […] more »

Healthy Lifestyle LFT

New Year… new goals

Empower yourself to make life altering changes that gives you peace of mind, feeds your soul, warms your heart and keeps you and Mother Earth healthy. more »

Young designer working at her computer

October: Small Business Month

How green and clean is your office? You are the future of your industry; is your office ready for the future of clean? Don’t compromise on the quality of your clean. Put your best foot forward with these green office cleaning tips! more »